About Me

My name is Thaneeya McArdle, and I've been an artist for as long as I can remember. I started this website way back in 2009 because for years I had been getting so many questions about art-making through my personal art website, www.thaneeya.com, that my FAQ section was nearly overflowing.

I received questions from people with a passion and eagerness to learn about art, but who had no idea where to begin. (This was over a decade ago, back in the “olden days” before online learning truly took off!) People sent technical questions regarding materials I used or painting techniques. Others asked about the creative process.

So I decided, why not start a website that I can devote entirely to sharing my enthusiasm for art, while spreading useful and valuable knowledge? Thus, www.art-is-fun.com was born. Everyone can benefit; I get to wax eloquently about a topic I am passionate about, and you can glean the fruits of my knowledge and personal experience within the world of art-making!

Almost all of the art on this website was created by me. You can see some examples of my artwork on my website. When I do show the artwork of a great master or fabulous contemporary (such as in my Featured Artists section), the artwork is clearly identified according to artist (and title of the piece, when known), as well as a link to viewing more of their artwork. If there is no name attached to a piece of artwork on this site, then it means that it is one of my own creations!

On this website, I provide a background and overview of many aspects of art, organized by medium, subject matter, and style. Using mainly my own paintings and drawings as examples, I cover topics such as:

  • art supplies/materials used

  • thought process behind the art

  • actual process of building the artwork

  • the basic elements that make each piece "work"

If you want to know more about me as an artist and a person, or to know more about any particular artwork of mine, please visit my personal art website, www.thaneeya.com, where you can view an extensive gallery of my art and read a longer biography. While you're there check out my blog and sign up for my newsletter, where I send updates on new art, products, and tutorials.

You can also find me on the social networks listed below:

I see art as a transformational tool. Art offers a chance for us to see the world through new eyes, to contemplate ideas in a new light, and to open our minds to new ways of seeing, thinking and being. I truly hope that what you find on this site will inspire you to create your own art, and/or encourage you to share your unique vision with the world in some other creative way!