About this site

The basic premise of this site is that:

Art is Fun!

and by "fun", I mean that art is:

What is art?

Hi! My name is Thaneeya McArdle and I'm the creator of this site and its content.

My aim with Art-is-Fun.com is to offer up the various nuggets of art knowledge that I have acquired over the years, both in terms of practical, how-to knowledge, as well as educational information about various aspects of art. This site is designed to be a resource and inspiration for art lovers and enthusiasts of any skill level. Whether you're

  • a total beginner

  • an occasional dabbler, or

  • a seasoned aficionado,

you know that we all began our journey in more-or-less the same carefree way: finger-painting, sidewalk chalk, boxes of half-chewed Crayola crayons, and/or scribbling on living room walls. Those were the days of daydreams and doodling. Who says they have to end?

Whether it's background information about still lifes, an insight into what abstract art is all about, or a detailed explanation of how to paint photorealistically - this site provides a wealth of information for art enthusiasts at any level of practice.

This website isn't just for people who want to make art. Art-is-fun.com is also a great resource of art information for people who love art and want to know more about various aspects of art theory, art history, and the artistic process. This site will help you with your study and deepen your understanding of art.

In general, the content of this site can be of benefit to anybody seeking to live in a more creative and contemplative manner, with awareness of and appreciation for the world around them. Making art is but one tool for achieving this aim, and since it's my area of expertise, I am delighted to share my enthusiasm with the world!

Who am I?

Thaneeya McArdle, creator of Art is Fun

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Art is a journey, just like life is a journey. Art and life can co-exist and run in tandem as parallel streams of existence, at times interweaving until they are inseparable, influencing and enriching one another as we wind our way through the ever-flowing river of time.

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I hope you enjoy wading through this site as much as I enjoy making it. Wishing you endless amounts of creative inspiration on your artistic journey!

Happy art-making!!


Please note that I spend a lot of time and energy developing the articles and tutorials you see on this site. Please do not copy my pages or my images without my permission. If you would like to seek my permission, please contact me here.

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