Free Mandala Designs to Print

Looking for free mandala designs to print? You are invited to download and print the 2 free mandala designs below!

The 2 mandala designs below are free samples from my $8 Mandala Coloring Pages e-book (shown right), which contains 23 printable mandalas to print and color. If you like the mandalas on this page, check out the full Mandala Coloring Book and my Nature Mandalas Coloring Book, which can be found online and in stores!

What is a mandala?

Visually speaking, a mandala can be typically described as an abstract concentric form with intricate designs that emanate from a central point. (Huh?) In other words, a mandala is kind of like a detailed, abstract flower.

On a spiritual level, mandalas are useful devices for centering yourself and getting in touch with your own inner reality. When you color a mandala, you can connect with your spiritual core. Mandalas have long been a part of spiritual practice for many cultures around the world, from Celtic to Tibetan.

Free printable mandala coloring pages

I am offering you these free mandala designs to print and color in any way you choose. You can use color schemes that relate to your current mood, or you can use colors that reflect a state of mind that you aspire to. You can use any medium that you want to color these mandalas - from colored pencils and markers to watercolors and acrylics, and everything in between.

You can print these free mandala designs as many times as you want. If you "mess up", no worries - simply print another mandala and go for it again. You can print these free printable mandala coloring pages on regular white printer paper, or you can get creative and print the mandalas on colored card stock, watercolor paper, or even canvas! (these link to Blick Art Materials, and if you make a purchase I get a small commission that helps support this site)

Free Printable Mandalas

These free mandala designs to print will open as gif files in a new window or tab. Print them out as many times as you need to and color it in using different color combinations each time.

I am offering these mandalas as a free gift, so please use these mandalas for your own personal use only. They are copyright protected, so please do not distribute them on other sites or attempt to sell them in any way. Thank you!

To download the free mandala designs to print, simply click on the image. A larger version will open in a new tab or window. Right-click on the image and select "Save As". Use your regular method for printing images, and there you go! Enjoy!

Do you want to learn how to create your own mandalas? You can learn how to create a mandala in this easy tutorial. In the tutorial, I walk you step by step through the process that I used to create these free printable mandalas that you see here!

You can also check out how other people have colored these mandalas (my other coloring pages) by visiting my coloring group on Facebook!

Mandala Coloring Pages

If you like the free mandala coloring pages above, check out my e-books featuring mandala coloring pages that you can print and color as many times as you want! The printable mandalas in each e-book are high-res images, designed to print clearly at 8.5" x 11" paper or A4 paper.

Detailed Mandala Coloring Pages

This e-book of Detailed Mandala Coloring Pages features 10 intricate mandala designs for your coloring pleasure!

Scroll down to see all of the detailed mandalas that are included in this set of printable coloring pages!

Mandala Coloring Pages

This e-book of Mandala Coloring Pages features 23 hand-drawn mandala designs for you to bring to life with color!

Scroll down to see all of the coloring pages you’ll receive in this set!

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